LSI is actively seeking partnerships as well as customers for utilizing our sugar-lipid technology/platform by suitable arrangements. The company is focused on the development of next-generation proprietary formulations of sterile injectable drugs as well as other liquid or solid dosage forms, principally aimed at the domains of anesthesiology (solution product of injection-site-pain free combo of propofol-lidocaine), oncology (both alcohol and solvent free taxane etc) and infectious disease. The firm has developed a revolutionary approach (Sugar-lipid-polymer) to the formulation of poor water-soluble drugs, which enables the creation of products with greater stability, superior shelf life, improved ease of manufacturing and enhanced safety. Especially our alcohol- and solvent-free oncology injectable formula is used to provide an affordable and effective (i.e., taxane-mAb) combo chemotherapy.

Benefit of Sugar-Lipid Drug Delivery:

As one of the examples: reformulation of propofol-lidocaine with the sugar-lipid polymer offers benefits to patients that require anesthetics prior to and during medical procedures. Our product benefits over competitors’ products (e.g. Diprivan and 1% Propofol Injectable Emulsion) are:

  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Improved patient care through reduction of side effects, such as pain on injection
  • Decreases in risks associated with emulsion dosage forms
  • Increase in profitability to hospitals and clinics
  • Sustained competitive advantages through intellectual property protection

Our intellectual properties, technologies and product differentiations will allow LipoSeuticals to capture market share and charge a price commensurate to the brand. These benefits from the sugar-lipid technology can be shared with potential collaborators to match their product development needs